Lab HowTo's

HowTo's for HSSOE Computer Labs


How do I log onto the lab computers?

  • The HSSOE Computer labs are limited to Engineering majors and students enrolled in Engineering courses. Our accounts are generated from the UCI Registrar's enrollment lists.
  • If you enrolled through UCI Extension, try logging into a lab computer using your UCINetID. The Extension office typically sends us enrollment lists. If you cannot log in then contact Lisa Preble
  • Use your UCINetID and UCI Password. This would be the same login as your UCI Email or to register for classes.

How do I print? I'm having problems printing.

Please see our printing page.

How do I get a door access code?

Door codes are sent to Engineering students on a quarterly basis. Please go to the Student Affairs Office front desk and ask for a door code if you do not receive the email message. Door codes are used to access ECT 123 and MSTB 224 after hours.

What programs are installed?

Please see the detailed software list.

What if I lose my notebook, textbook, or USB hard drive?

The lab manager maintains a lost and found. Please stop by ECT 120G or call 824-3965. The campus police department also maintains a campus-wide lost and found.

Who cleans up the lab?

  • You do, the students. Please keep it clean! Do not leave water bottles or food at the work stations.
  • PLEASE throw your food trash outside.
  • If the labs are excessively dirty, please call the lab manager, Lisa, 949-824-3965.

Who do I call for help?

If there is a problem with a computer, please call the lab manager at 949-824-3965. If there is a problem with a homework assignment, ask your Engineering friends or your TA. 

I don’t see the program I need.  

Contact the lab manager at 949-824-3965. If there is something you need I will see if I can get a license for it, as long as it is related to a course or in support of your educational goals.  The departments within HSSOE usually provide the software and licenses when it is used for instruction within their department. 

What kind of things can I work on in the lab?

Please limit your use to education or research. You are expected to be in compliance with University computing policy. Abuse of the computer lab resources will not be tolerated. Downloading or making available copyrighted material is not allowed.

Where do I save my files?  

  • Permanent storage -
    • If you do not want your files to be erased, then you should save them to online storage such as DropBox or Google Drive, USB flash drive, or other external storage.
  • Very temporary storage –
    • Anything stored on the desktop or in your local profile (C:\Documents and Settings\userfolder) may be deleted during software upgrades throughout the quarter.
  • PLEASE SAVE OFTEN!  Save every 10-15 minutes.

I don’t see the files I saved here last week.

Again, you probably saved them in a location that is regularly cleaned up. Please save your files to a permanent location such a USB flash drive or online. The lab computers are NOT backed up so we cannot restore your lost files. They are gone forever.

Hardware Specifications

About the lab computers
  • We have approximately 200 PC's available for instruction & student-use.
    • Current lab computers were purchased Summer 2014.
    • The operating system is Windows 2007, 64-bit, Enterprise version.
    • Make & model: HP Z230 Small Form-Factor Workstation.
    • Components include:
      • Processor: 3.20 gigahertz Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3
        • Multi-core, 4 total
      • Memory; 16 GB RAM
      • Video card:  AMD FirePro V3900 (ATI FireGL), 1 GB
      • Hard drive: 1 TB