Printing & Printing Problems

Printing in the labs - answers to common printing problems

 Where do I start?  Where can I add money to my print card / ID?
  • The print stations for the HSSOE computer labs use the same system as the UCI Libraries and OIT computer labs.
  • You need to add a printer account and funds to your student ID card using a campus vending machine.
  • The closest printer vending machine is located in Engineering Gateway, first floor, in the computer labs, room E1140.
  • There are vending machines at the UCI Libraries as well.
  • The OIT web page for printing has more details about other locations.

How much does printing cost?

The cost is 10 cents per page for the black and white laser printers.

I need color printing.

  • The Copy Center, 2nd floor of Engineering Tower can help you.
  • Also, there is a Kinkos in University Center over by Trader Joes and Steelhead.

Urrrgh, I need paper!

  • Call me, 949-824-3965.
    • If I'm around I'll add paper.
  • Or, you can print to file using Adobe Acrobat. 
    • Go to File - Print - select Adobe PDF.
    • You can now take the .pdf file to any any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader and also print from there.

I don't see my printouts.

  • Make sure you selected a printer that is at your location.
    • Check at FIle - Print - Printer Properties (exact menu location might be dfferent with each software).
  • Sometimes it can take about 1-2 minutes for your print job to show up.
  • Call me, 949-824-3965 if there are still problems.
  • If you are having print problems and it's after hours, print to a file.
    • File - Print - Printer Properties (depending on what program you're using).
    • Select Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF file, give the file a name, and save to a location you can find.
    • You can now take the .pdf file to any any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader and also print from there

I need to take my <file> somewhere, but I don't know if that computer can open it.

  • The easiest way to solve this problem is to print to file.
    • Specifically, you should print to Adobe PDF file to create a pdf. file.
    • Select File - Print - Printer Properties (might be different with each software)
    • Select Adobe PDF
    • Type in a name and save to location where you can find the file.
  • Some software has a toolbar link you can click on to create the file. 
  • The full verision of Adobe Acrobat is installed in the HSSOE labs.
  • You can take a PDF file to almost any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Printing from student laptops

  • On your laptops, go to OIT's remote printing website:
  • Select the 'Print' button.
  • Enter your UCINETID.
  • Choose the building and then the printer within that building you'd like to print to.
  • Upload your document or insert a URL into the appropriate fields. Insert number of copies and specific pages (leave blank for all pages). Press 'Continue'.
  • Edit printer settings if needed and print.
  • You will still need to go to the printer station, swipe your UCI ID card, select your print job, and release it to the adjacent printer.