Software List

Lists of computer lab software.

Edited 2/7/2017 by Lisa Preble

Software List - General Use Computer Labs

Location: ECT 123, ET 201, ET 204, and MSTB 224

7zip gnuplot Netbeans
Adobe Acrobat Google Chrome Netfabb Studio Basic
Adobe Flash Player Google Earth NMM toolbox for Matlab
Android Studio & SDK GraphCalc Notepad++
ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 18.1 Groundwater Vistas 5 NSS
Ansys Multiphysics 18.1 HCS 2010 NVU
Arduino HEC GEO-RAS Open Office
Asymptope HEC RAS OpenSCAD
Audacity HEC-HMS Orcad Cadence Lite 17.2
AutoCad 2018 Hydrus 1D PCB123
AutoCad Civil 3D 2018 IMGBurn Pismo File Mount
AutoCad Inventor 2018 InkScape Polymath
AutoCad Map 3D 2018 IrfanView Pro/II 10.1 (SimSci)
AutoCad Maya 2018 Itunes Putty Portable
AutoDesk Eagle J Creator LE Python
AutoDesk Viewer Java (verison 8) Python Windows Extension
Avast Endpoint Security Java JDK R Software
AVIDemux jEdit R Studio
Blender JetBrains InelliJ IDEA R Tools
bluej LabView Repetier
BRL-CAD LC3 ReplicatorG
Camtasia Relay L-Edit RocScience
CES EduPack 2017 MakerBot MakerWare SAP2000
Cobalt v6 Mathematica SciLab
Comsol Multiphysics Matlab Sculptris Alpha (Pixlogic)
CorelDraw Suite X6 MeshLab SeaMonkey
CoventorWare SketchUp Skype
CST Studio Suite 2017 STLView Solidworks 2017
Cura Microsoft Office Tecplot 360
Eagle (Now AutoDesk Eagle) Microsoft Project Tecplot  Chorus
EMACS Microsoft Silverlight Tecplot Focus
EMFAC Microsoft Visio Tecplot RS
EPA SWMM Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 TexMaker
EPANET MikTex TexnicCenter
Express PCB & SCH ModelMuse TeXstudio
FreeCAD ModFlow Tux Paint
GeoGebra ModPath USGS NSS
GeoLogismiki Cliq2 TextPad VideoLAN
GeoLogismiki CPeT-IT2 TortoiseSVN Vim
GhostScript Moves 2014a Virtual Beach
GhostView Mozilla Firefox VisualCad /VisualMill
Gimp MSC Apex 2017 Visual CAD
Git MSC Dytran 2017 Visual MILL
Glassfish MSC Marc & Marc Mentat 2017 Vivado 2017 (Xilinx) ISE
GLCPlayer MSC Nastran 2017 VLC Media Player
gmsh MSC Patran 2017 VMD
MSC Sinda VPI Software

Software List - ECT 123 Computer Lab 

Same software as above.

Additional software includes the following:

Syncro 9

Software Spreadsheets - Excel

Details regarding versions and download locations of the above software are listed in the spreadsheet below.
Lisa Michelle Preble,
Oct 3, 2017, 12:16 PM