Faculty & Grad Computing

General Computing Assistance

Brian Hurling, bhurling@uci.edu (949) 824-1713 is the computer support contact for
  • Faculty
  • Research groups
For Undergraduates and Instructional Computing, contact Lisa Preble, lpreble@uci.edu, 949-824-3965

Purchasing a new computer

At UCI, there are no restrictions on where you can purchase a new computer, but there are some limitations when using your PAL Card (Corporate Visa). Your purchasing staff can answer PAL Card questions.

Please consider extended warranty options. HSSOE computer staff can only provide very minimal desktop support. You will likely deal with warranty and hardware issues yourself.

Hardware vendors:
If you have specific workstation requirements, Brian can help you with specifications and sending requests for quotes to vendors.

Software licenses

Campus Site Licenses

Office of Information Technology (OIT) maintains campus site licenses for:

  • Matlab

    • Go to: https://www.oit.uci.edu/licenses/
      • Click Software Catalog
      • Log in with your UCINetID
      • Click Research Software, then click Matlab Network (this is what most researchers use)
      • A standalone version is available to use if no network is available.

  • LabView

    • Log in with your UCINetID
    • Click Research Software
    • Find Labview.

  • Mathematica

    • Log in with your UCINetID
    • Click Research Software
    • You'll see options for
      • Mathematica Unlimited for Faculty and Staff (this what most people use)

  • ArcGIS

    • Log in with your UCINetID
    • Click Research Software
    • You'll see options for Network Order form (what most people use), Server, and Standalone.   

Further information can be found at OIT's Software Resources site.
Or search OIT's Software License Database.

HSSOE Site Licenses

HSSOE maintains licenses for the following software:
  • Solidworks 

    • Download the Academic version
      • Use this option for UCI-owned computers.
      • It connects to the campus license server


    • Download & installation instructions HERE.

  • MSC Software

  • Available software includes Nastran, Patran, Dytran, & Marc Mentat.
  • Download & installationl instructions HERE.

  • VMware

    • VMWare software is available through our VMware Subscription
    • Use these instructions to activate your account.
      • Common downloads include
      • Fusion
      • VMWare Workstation


    • AutoCad software is available to Academia at no cost.
    • Sign up for an Educator account at AutoDesk Education
  • Microsoft Software

    • A generous amount of Microsoft Software is available at no cost through our Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Subscription.
    • MS Office is NOT included with this program.
    • Software under this license CANNOT be installed on Administrative Staff computers. This license is restricted to STEM academic and research use.
    • Common downloads include:
      • Windows 7
      • WIndows 10
      • Visual Studio
      • MS Project
      • MS Visio
  • How to obtain Windows, Visio, Project

How to obtain MS Office:

For your work or research PC:
  1. You can install MS Office on personally-owned computers using UCI's Office 365 program. There is no extra charge to use MS Office on your personally-owned computer.
  2. Contact Brian Hurling, bhurling@uci.edu to coordinate O365 account setup with OIT.
                How to setup your O365 account (after OIT has added you):
      1. Set your O365 password
        1. Go to: https://www.oit.uci.edu/help/password/
      2. Click on the O365 tab
      3. Click on the link “Reset or change your Exchange/Office 365/AD password
      4. Follow the instructions to change your password

      How to obtain O365 to software including MS Office

      1. Login to Office 365 via web browser (outlook.com/uci.edu).
        1. username: ad.uci.edu\<ucinetid>
          1. (type in entire string)
        2. Password is your O365 password
      2. Select the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the window.
      3. Near the bottom of the list, under the heading "Your App Settings," choose Office 365.
      4. On the next page, choose Software.
      5. On the next page, follow Microsoft's instructions to install Office.

Adobe Acrobat or other Adobe Software

Your options are:
  1. For Adobe Acrobat, check with your business manager to find out if your Dept has a site license.
  2. For Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier and other Adobe software, purchase directly from Adobe.


OIT manages email for UCI faculty. OIT is considering discontinuation of campus IMAP email services in 2015. We recommend you use UCI Google Apps for Gmail. You may use UCI Gmail as your IMAP server, thus allowing you to use Outlook or Thunderbird for your email client.

To enable IMAP on Google Apps:
  1. Go to:  Getting Started with IMAP & POP 
  2. Login with your UCI Google Apps account.
  3. Select "Enable IMAP"
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable IMAP in your UCI Gmail settings.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your email client software.

GMAIL IMAP: More Settings

General Email info:


How to register your computer for Ethernet in Engineering Buildings

STEP 1 - Register the Ethernet MAC address
  • To connect a computer to an active jack, just register it's MAC address at
  • Click the "Manual Registration" tab and login with your UCINetID.
  • Type in your MAC address and Submit.
    • Note: This is the same procedure as registering for campus WiFi, except you will register the MAC address of your wired network port of your device. 
  • There are instructions on the above OIT Mobile Access registration page to help you determine your MAC address, but if you need assistance just contact us.

STEP 2 -  Set the computer to obtain its network address automatically from DHCP. 
For a PC
  • Set your Windows PC network settings under TCP/IP V4 to "Obtain IP address automatically"
  • Here is a webpage to describe the steps.

For a MAC:
  • On a Mac set the Configure IPv4 field to "Using DHCP".
  • Here are detailed instructions to configure DHCP on a Mac.

How to Request Static IP Addresses

If you need static addresses for some computers, such as servers (if they need to keep the same IP address and have a hostname assigned to them), then you need to submit an IP address request form at http://www.oit.uci.edu/network/address/form.php.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to specify the correct room and building number.
                       Sometimes the wrong information is auto-filled.

How to Configure a Static IP Address

After you receive an e-mail from OIT specifying your new IP address do the following:
  1. Go back into the OIT mobile registration database and edit the registration you submitted earlier.
  2. Specify the IP address that you were assigned by OIT. 
  3. Reboot the computer and check to make sure it obtained the proper IP address.

Please note that all network jacks in all offices may not be active. You can look that up in the JPL or contact us to find out if a jack is active in a specific building/room.

Campus VPN

Use campus VPN to access computing resources from off-campus.

Departmental Resources

Departmental Licenses

    Some departments maintain their own separate licenses. Contact your department Chair or Business Manager for information.

How to install Department Printer

  1. INPUT the IP address into a web browser
    1. Example:  http://128.195.XXX.XXX  (you would type in the actual IP address)
  2.  Click the Support tab.
  3.  Click "Install Print/Scan Drivers".
  4.  Download the setup.exe file then click on it to initiate installation.
  5.  Agree to license.
  6. On the printer discovery screen click on the computer icon on the right to locate a specific printer.
    1. Type in the IP address:  128.195.XXX.XX 
    2. Click Search.
    3. It should find the printer
  7. Click Next
  8. Keep the defaults unless you need to make changes.
  9. Click Install.
  10. Click finish when done.

Contact your Department Business Manager or Lisa Preble for instructions on using departmental printers.

Linux Servers

The EECS Dept has their own Linux cluster managed by the Enterprise & Unix Services (EUS) group at OIT.

Campus Resources
OIT has detailed information for the following groups:

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