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Getting started at UCI   -  Computing

by Lisa Preble, Engineering Instructional Lab Manager,

Campus computing help:

Engineering Software      Http://   


Start Here – Register for Mobile Access (Wi-Fi)

  1. Visit the website below.

  2. OIT Mobile Access

Checking your Google Apps Account

  1. Visit:

  2. Select Log into UCI Google Apps. At the bottom of the page

  3. If you log in successfully to your Google Apps Account move on to other software below.

  4. If not go back to and select Activate and set a Password

Checking your Email Account

    Getting started with EMail for UCI Students

SAVE THIS do your google drive

  • Download page
  • Click "save to drive"
  • Or, select File, Print, then Save to Google Drive as PDF.

Check your Antivirus Software

  1. Visit UCI's anti-virus page.

  2. Enable Microsoft Security Essentials or Microsoft Defender.

CCleaner – Cleaning your PC and keeping it Fast

  1. Visit the website below:


  3. Click the Free Download Link, which will scroll down to an option menu in which you can choose which version is right for you.

  4. Click the Free Download Link

  5. Next click the Download Button located under the CCleaner Free option.

  6. DOWNLOAD FROM PIRIFORM!!  (do not use filehippo)

  7. ccsetup508.exe will be downloaded

  8. Next open the executable

  9. Click Next, Then Install, and finally click Finish.

  10. Use CCleaner to clean up temporary files. Click Cleaner, Anazlyze, Run Cleaner.

  11. Use CCleaner to clean up register. Click Registry, Scan for issues, Fix Selected Issues.

Malwarebytes – Keeping your PC free of Malware

  1. Visit:

  2. Open the executable you just downloaded

  3. Click OK on the select language page, then click next and accept the terms and agreements.

  4. Click next till you get to the install page and then click install

MS Office for Students

Engineers, ICS, Earth Science, Physical Sciences follow below:

Creating a MathWorks Account – MatLab Activation

  1. Visit:

  2. Click the MathWorks Account link

  3. Now register for a Mathworks account using your email address.

  4. You will be using this later to activate your MatLab Download.

Activating your Microsoft Imagine Account to get Microsoft Software

  1. Visit:

  2. Click “Sign in” located at the top right

  3. Then Click Register and Go through all the steps listed on the How to activate your DreamSpark Account.

  4. ICS and EECS majors consider installing Visual Studio. (warning: large download)

  5. Available software includes: Windows, MS Project, Visio (FOR STEM MAJORS ONLY)

  6. ICS has their own separate MS Imagine account separate from Engineering. Contact ICS help desk if you are ICS student.

How to get software from OIT
    Available software:  ArcGIS, LabView, Mathematica, Matlab

- Log in with your UCINetID
- Click on "Free Research Software for Students".
-Select on the software to download and follow additional instructions or fill out the form.


Further work:

Engineers:  What software do I need to install:

Engineers with Macs

Misc Software


To receive your copy of the software, you must have an account of the form your "" on the Wolfram Mathematica Portal website: If you do not already have a account at that site, please go there and create one.

After creating your account, follow these steps to obtain the software:

  1. Login to the Wolfram User Portal for Students.
  2. Specify your Department from the pulldown menu. If yours isn't listed, choose Other and enter it in the field.
  3. Select the product "Mathematica for Students for Sites."
  4. Enter your Anticipated Graduation date using the pulldown menus and then select Submit.
  5. Follow the steps on the next page to begin the download. The software will come with a key allowing its use for a limited period of time, initially 15 days.
  • Note: Engineering classes use mostly use Matlab but Mathematica is a good tool to have.
  • Mathematica us used in Physical Sciences classes.