How to Bootcamp to Windows 7

How to Install Windows 7 on MacBook Pro

Please Note: 

Every version of MacOS and every hardware model has slightly different instructions for installing Bootcamp. Please search around for other YouTube videos if you are stuck. The HotFix in this video is not required for all Macs.

If you created your Windows USB flash drive, then the instructions in the video will be slightly different.

Macs with Maverics might be different. Search around for a youtube video specific to your OS & hardware. Still, watching the video will give you an idea about the process.

STEP 1 - Create a Bootable Bootcamp source

Create a USB flash drive or DVD drive with Window drivers

STEP 2 - Install BootCamp & Windows 7

1. Plug the 64-bit version of the created Windows USB flash drive into the USB port or insert your Windows Bootcamp DVD
  • Visit this link to create a flash drive/DVD.
2. Start Apple computer to the Mac OS.

3. Click on the Finder icon at the bottom icon tray (looks like a face).

4. Select Applications from the left-side directory.

5. Scroll down to the bottom and select Utilities.

6. Select Bootcamp Assistant.

7. Once Bootcamp Assistant has begun, select next until it prompts you for three options.

8. Deselect “Download Windows Support Software” and “Create a bootable USB disk”, you should only be left with “Install Windows”.
  • Do this if you already created your Windows USB flash drive or DVD.

9. After clicking next, you will be prompted to partition your hard drive into a Mac OS and Windows partition. Select the desired split and click next.
  • MAE students consider splitting the hard drive in half.
  • 50-75 GB is good for most students.

10. At this point the computer will automatically restart. Hold the alt/option button until you are prompted with a boot option selection.

11. Select the “Wininstall” flash drive or Windows Bootcamp DVD.

12. Wait for the windows installation setup to finish initializing, and click “Install Now”.

13. You will be prompted between “Upgrade” and “Custom Install”. Select “Custom Install.”

14. When selecting the partition to install Windows to, select “Bootcamp”. The installer may say that it is unable to install Windows to that partition. Select “Format” while selecting the “Bootcamp” partition to reformat the drive to NTFS.

15. Install Windows to the “Bootcamp” partition by selecting next.

16. The installer will automatically restart your computer, however, you must still hold down alt/option key for boot options. Select “Bootcamp” partition and you will boot into the Windows environment.

17. After booting into Windows, navigate to “Wininstall/WindowsSupport” folder or if you are using a DVD, the support software should have automatically been installed.

18. Select “setup.exe” which will install all of the drivers required for Windows to run on Apple hardware.

19. Use these instructions to activate Windows using the Product Key from DreamSpark. This will be in the receipt of your Windows 7 or 8 product order.

20. Don’t forget to run Windows update to fully protect the Windows side of your computer.
21. Return to Info for Mac Users to learn about Windows Update and other utilities you need to install.

For further help, visit the Apple Bootcamp manual. Page 6-7 are relevant to the actual installation process.

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