2014 MacBooks

The following steps are a summary of the steps taken by Apple Community members to successfully bootcamp Windows 7 to their 2013 MacBook Airs. HSSOE IT does not approve this solution, but provides this as a resource to students who feel confident enough to attempt a bootcamp on their own.



1. You will need an 8GB empty USB drive.

2. Download your Windows 7 .iso from Imagine (see introduction page for details).

3. Insert 8GB USB drive and start Bootcamp Assistant.

4. Deselect 'Download latest Windows Support Files' and 'Install Windows 7'. Only 'Create a Windows 7 install disk' should be selected.

5. Select the Windows 7 .iso that you downloaded from Imagine and wait for Bootcamp Assistant to finish formatting and copying over the Windows install files.

6. Quit Bootcamp Assistant (Command + Q) and then start Bootcamp Assistant again.

7. Deselect everything except 'Download latest Windows Support Files'.

8. After Bootcamp Assistant has downloaded and copied the files to your USB drive, quit Bootcamp (Command + Q).

9. Start Bootcamp Assistant again and only select 'Install Windows 7'.

10. Partition your harddrive to your needs and select next.

11. Your computer will automatically restart and begin the Windows 7 installation. DO NOT HOLD THE OPTION KEY DURING STARTUP. The Bootcamp installer will automatically boot to your USB drive.

12. If at anytime during the installation the Windows 7 installer freezes or you no longer have control over your keyboard+mouse, boot into the Mac OS, remove the Windows 7 partition with Bootcamp, and start from the beginning.

13. There are many good suggestions on the source link's page for when your installer freezes. We suggest looking through the forum thread to find a solution which works for your Macbook Air.