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Mac Users - Start Here

IMPORTANT: Macs with new ARM-based processes (starting in 2020) should NOT be used in Engineering.
Reason 1:  Bootcamp is not compatible
Reason 2:  Virtualization does not support Windows (there remains bugs 3/30/2021)

**AS OF 1/29/2021 there are compatibility issues with Windows and the Apple M1 processor.

Choose Windows 10 Pro -   DO NOT USE WINDOWS 10 EDUCATION

STEP 0 - Determine if you should use Bootcamp or Fusion for Windows

  • If you plan to use Solidworks or AutoCad  >>  Install Windows using Bootcamp
    • Bootcamp makes your Mac dual-boot and you have the option of using Windows or Mac when you power up.
    • Windows performance is better.
    • If you're not sure, try this option.
  • Everyone else >>  Install Windows using Fusion or Parallels.


  • For best results, do not use Safari. Try a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • Create a Personal Microsoft Software account
    • Instructions are at OIT's page for Student O365
      • Follow instructions carefully
    • Do not specify a personal gmail account anywhere in the process.
    • Only specify your UCINetID and the account.
      • If you use a personal gmail account, you will not have access to the full library of software because Microsoft will not recognize your Academic association.
  • Find Windows 10 (consumer editions), version 1903 (or more recent)- DVD
    • If you are asked to pay for Windows, then you have not created your account correctly or you have not logged in correctly.
      • If this happens, try a different browser
      • Or, clear the cookies in your browser.
    • If you don't see the download, then contact Lisa Preble,
      • The Azure Dev Tools site is always changing so contact Lisa if you don't see the correct Windows 10 download.
  • Click the "view key" box on the right. Copy the serial number to a text file in case you cannot open the page again.
  • Click on "Download" on the bottom right to download the software.
    • You'll have Windows installer media in ".iso' format.
  • NOTE
    • Sometimes the download fails with Safari so use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.
    • If the bootcamp installation does not like Windows, then download again using a different browser.
          Contact Lisa Preble, if you have issues obtaining Windows 10 Pro using the Azure for Dev Tools website.

STEP 2 - Install Windows on your Mac using Bootcamp.

        What is Apple's Bootcamp?

  • Boot Camp is a utility that comes with your Mac and lets you switch between MacOS and Windows.
    • It allows for Windows to be installed directly onto your hard drive on it's own separate partition.
    • When you turn on your comptuer, you can select which OS to use, Apple or Windows.

Prepare your Laptop

  • Backup any important files to an external drive or cloud storage in case something bad happens during the installation process.
  • For best results, update the software on your Mac using these instructions.Do this BEFORE attempting Bootcamp installation
  • For MAE, CEE, and BME students, consider using half the hard drive for your Windows installation partition. 
    • Your hard drive will fill up quickly
    • Plan for at least 250GB.
      • You may have to re-do the work more than once
    • Other majors might get away with 150 GB but it's best to plan for more disk space.
  • Detailed instructions for various MacBooks are found on the BootCamp website

 Install Windows using Bootcamp?

  • Visit the Apple's Bootcamp website for the latest information and instructional guides
  • Every make & model is different so you need to visit Apple's for the latest information.

TIP:  Use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi

  • Consider installing BootCamp via Ethernet instead of Wi-fi
  • The process will take about 1.5-2 hours over WiFi.
  • Using Ethernet, it'll take around 5-10 minutes

STEP 3 - Install system and security updates on Windows.

  • After installing Windows on your Apple Computer, ensure your Windows OS is up-to-date by visiting Windows Update.

STEP 4 - UCI requires you to install anti-virus software.

    Here is a list of free for personal use protection programs is included below. 

STEP 5 - Install fan control software to help with over-heating.

  • Many Apple users complain of their laptops overheating while running Windows
  • To solve this issue, it is recommended to install Mac Fan Control.

STEP 6 - Install the latest Microsoft .Net Framework.

Other resources for Mac Users

In the event you are having difficulty installing Windows, Please be aware of the following resources:
  • ANTech Repair Center
    • (949) 824-7096
    • For a fee, The ANTech Repair Center can install Windows for you using BootCamp, Fusion, or Parallels.
  • UCI Virtual Classroom (this is operated by OIT, not Engineering)
  • UCI Libraries Laptop Checkout
  • Use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi for installing BootCamp.
    • Locations of Ethernet:
      • MDEA (at every seat)
      • Engineering Student Lounge, ICS 249. ICS 253, and ICS 259
    • Register your Ethernet address (aka MAC address).