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What software do I need to install?

Software requirements by major


You may have seen the detailed software list showing what is installed in our computer labs. Now you are wondering, “What do I really need to install?” I will try to answer this question for you.  The list below covers lower division coursework.  Refer to course listing in schedule of classes for upper division classes.

For the ENGR 7A/7B Freshmen Design Course, install Solidworks Engineering Kit.

All Engineering Students


EECS Students

  • EECS 10, CSE10 and CPE 10
    • Options for programming include:
  • EECS 12
  • Matlab
    • Text editor
    • You need the ability to use Linux
      • There are no specific Linux requirements so find something that works for you.
      • Options include
        • Terminal emulation with X server software
        • Virtual installation of Linux
        •  Create a dual boot computer.
        • WinSCP 
          • to copy files to a Linux or Unix server
    • CS Majors
      • Tools for java programming
      • Tools for C / C++
      • For Google App development you will need:
    • EE Majors 

    MAE Students

    Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

    • CEE 20
    • AutoCad
      • Environmental Engineers
      • Structural Engineers
        • FEA software
        • SAP 2000
          • There is no student version so you must use it at the CEE computer lab.
      • Transportation Studies -

      Biomedical Engineering (BME)

      Chemical & Biomolecular Students

      • CHEM E
        • currently no software requirements for first-year ChemE students unless you are enrolled in ENGR 7A/7B.
      • Microsoft Excel
      • Polymath
        • Obtain from your instructor.
        • Polymath requires Windows version of Excel
        • Used in CBEMS 110
      • LabVIew
      • Matlab
      • Invensys Pro/II 
        • Obtain from your instructor

      Materials Science

      • Currently no software requirements for first-year MSE students unless you are enrolled in ENGR 7A/7B.
      • Expect to use the following software
      • FEA software
        • You will likely use FEA software in your upper division courses.