Lecterns for sale

Used lecterns for Sale - for Departmental transfer

4 Used lecterns available for Departmental transfer.
These were purchased around 2009.

If interested, contact Michael Kennedy:
Phone (949) 824-1113        


Here is the front:


Front, lid open:


Front view of electronics equipment (included).

The following components are installed in each lectern and are included.
 - Main power, DVD / VHS player, slot and tray for computer, empty slot, sound control and amp.


Rear view of equipment.

Also included is a VGA (AV) splitter and network hub.


Included is the touch panel, but it needs programming to suit your needs.


There is power and inputs at the top of each lectern along with a movable light.  A flat panel can be laid flat inside.


Created by:  Lisa Preble