Special thank you to Professor Andrei Shkel for organizing this software donation from Coventor.

Details about our Coventor license:

In total, 40 licenses will be available for checkout on our license server.
  • Up to 35 Coventor software licenses will be provided for as an "Education Training" bundle.Includes the following:
    • CoventorWare Designer includes 2D layout, 2D data import/export, solid model generation, process editor, MPD, solid model visualization, 3D data import/export
    • CoventorWare Analyzer Turbo is a suite of field solvers for MEMS that includes basic mechanics (modal, equilibrium, and transient analysis), electrostatics, quasi-static coupled electromechanics, harmonic coupled electromechanics, package analysis, and inertial coefficients.
    • MEMS+ for MathWorks includes basic built-in simulation capabilities including DC (equilibrium) analysis, modal analysis, and small-signal AC (harmonic) analysis, and 3D visualization of results plus scripting and simulation in MATLAB and Simulink from the MathWorks.

  • Up to 5 Coventor software licenses will be provided as a "Research and Education Training" bundle. This bundle includes:
    • CoventorWare Designer includes 2D layout, 2D data import/export, solid model generation, process editor, MPD, solid model visualization, 3D data import/export
    • MEMS+ Complete includes everything in MEMS+ for MathWorks plus integration with Cadence Virtuoso (Virtuoso schematic editor, Analog Design Environment, Spectre simulator, and Virtuoso layout).
    • MEMS+ Advanced Sensor Modeling add-on includes advanced capabilities for modeling sensors: automatic nonlinear Model Reduction with export to MROM format for Simulink and Verilog-A format for circuit simulators such as Cadence Spectre, HSPICE, etc. Also, ability to simulate package-stress effects on sensors

License Terms:

  1. The license quoted is an educational license meaning it can be used for educational, training, and non-commercial research purposes only. Further, the license is expressly restricted from use in private consulting, commercial research, and for profit engineering without the consent of Coventor. However, any reasonable request to convert the license to commercial purposes without restriction will not be reasonably withheld. A fair uplift fee for the license conversion may apply.
  2. The license are LAN floating licenses which supports non-contiguous site wide users (a local campus floating license). The local campus geography is the area within a 25 mile radius from the university host server.

System Requirements

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