GeoLogismiki software is used by Dr. Anne Lemnitzer.

1)  CPeT-IT Network
2)  CLiq Network

Software Download
Download the software here

NOTE: You must use your UCI google account, not your personal Gmail account.


  1. Download both software installers and the net_file.ini file.
  2. Click on CLiq2_network_trial.exe to install the software
  3. Click on CPeT-IT2_Network_trial.exe to install the software.
  4. Note: AVAST does not recognize the software executable you just installed. You need to create an exception for it.
    1. Click on "Continue" if you get an error message.
    2. Click on Browse and find the folder you installed the software to.
  5. Copy the net_file.ini file to each installation folder. Or, you can edit the file and include the license server.
    • The default installation folders are:
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoLogismiki Software\CLiq Network
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoLogismiki Software\CPeT-IT Network
    • Again, the net_file.ini file you downloaded needs to be copied to each installation folder. The same file will be put in both places.
  6. If you use campus Wi-Fi or if you are off-campus, then you need to use the campus VPN service
    1. Go to:
    2. Install the software VPN
    3. Use UCI Split Tunnel
  7. To use the software
    1. Log in to the campus VPN service.
    2. Click on the software you installed. You might need to make shortcuts for it onto your desktop.
    3. You should not see the software in trial mode. If it's in trial mode then you are not connected to the license server.
      1. Verify you copied the net_file.ini file.
      2. Verify you are logged into the campus VPN service.
      3. Your connection to the license server happens automatically when you start the software.
      4. There could be a firewall on your computer blocking the connection or an issue with your anti-virus.

Lisa Preble