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avast! for Students & Faculty - FREE

Avast! Endpoint Protection Suite - Free for UCI Students & Faculty

License expires 11/25/2017 see F.A.Q. for more information

Downloading the software

Download the setup.exe and license file here
    • Use your UCI Google Apps account to downlaod the files.
    • If you see the "You Need Permission" message it means you are NOT logged in with your UCI Google Apps account.
    • View instructions on how to switch between Gmail accounts.
    • NOTE: We will ignore all "Request Access" messages
    • If you continue to have problems, contact Lisa Preble,
    • OIT provides UCI Google apps support:

Installation Directions


1. Double click on setup_av_eps.exe

2. Click on custom install

3. Select where you want to install avast or leave it as the default. Click Next

4. Click on supply a license file. Then Click browse and point to the license file that you downloaded.

5. Leave it at typical and click Next

6. make sure that Without managed client is selected. Then click next

7. Click Next and the install will begin.

8. Once the install finishes you will have avast fully installed. Be sure to update the software!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens after the license file expires?

A.We will post the updated license file once the license expires. This should occur at the end of October/ start of November.

Q: How do I update the license on my Avast software?
A: Download the latest license file then click or double click on it.

Q. Where do I check the status of my subscription?

A. Start the Avast software and click maintenance and then subscription. This should take you to the subscription page.

Q. Where do I go to make sure that the software is up to date?

A. Click on maintenance and then update to check when your copy of avast was last updated.