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Microsoft Imagine (Dreamspark) - How to unpack & install software

Downloading software such as Microsoft Vizio or Microsoft Virtual Studio from Microsoft Dreamspark produces a .iso file. Here are some ways to get from the .iso file to installing the software on your computer.

With an .iso image file, you can do either of the following to install the software:

1) You can burn the software onto a DVD and install from the DVD. The preferred software is called "imgburn"
        You would select "Write image file to disc", which is different from writing files to disk.

2) You can mount the file to the dvd drive. The preferred software is Pismo File Mount:
        After you install the software, you right click on the .iso file and select "mount".
        On your PC it looks as if you inserted a DVD that was burned with your .iso file.
        It's similar to a virtual mount. This is useful if you don't want to actually burn a DVD or if you have no DVD drive, but you have an .iso image flle.

3) The other thing you can do is use 7zip to unpack the files from the .iso file image.
        Install the software then right-click on the .iso file and select "extract files..." 

Choose where you want to extract the files and hit ok.

After the files are unpacked, look for setup.exe. Double click to start the installation.