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Microsoft Imagine (DreamSpark) - How to activate your account

AS OF 2/14/2019 the program has been changed to Azure for Teaching. Please know there are issues with the new transition. contact Lisa Preble if you're experiencing problems.

Login Here:
  • For most students, you will be asked to verify account and enter the portal.
  • For staff & faculty there is confusion with your UCI O365 account. 
    • Contact Lisa Preble and we'll get you signed up with UCI's O365 program.

To get software, look for Software under Education-Quick Start directly after you login. If you close this page the Software link is difficult to find. It's easier to logout/ login again using the link above.

All software will be accessible through an Education Hub built in the Azure Portal that houses all products and services available to academic users. Students will get access by simply logging into the Azure Portal with the same credentials they have been using to access their Imagine subscription.


The information below is outdated as of 2/14/2019.

The School of Engineering has partnered with Microsoft's Imagine Academy to provide students, academic staff and faculty access to Microsoft software at no cost.  Currently the program is limited to the School of Engineering.

Every quarter we upload Engineering majors into the Microsoft Imagine system, but students must activate their accounts in order to setup a password.

Please activate your account.

  1.  Go to the HSSOE Microsoft Imagine Store and click Register on the upper right hand corner. The page should look like the screenshot below. 

        2. In the "UCI Email Address" box, enter your UCI.EDU email address. Click Continue.
    • If successful, you should see the following message asking you to check your email. Follow the instructions in the email.    
    • If you do not see this message, the program Administrator (Lisa) needs to set up an account for you. Click "Request an Account" in the red message box that pops up. The Administrator will verify your major. Please know it might take me 24 hours to respond to you. (The red message box will look like the one below.

        3.    Check your UCI.EDU inbox for the message sent from <>
      • Check your Spam and Junk Mail because the message often gets mistaken by email filters.

        4.    Follow the link in the message sent to you in order to complete your registration.

        5.    You should see a "Thank you for registering" message.

        6.    You are now registered and you may download software.
        7.    If you already have Windows installed (with Bootcamp), you still need to "Purchase" Windows.

      • Purchase the 64-Bit version of Windows 10 Professional or Windows 7 Professional.
        • Do not use the Educational Version - it has a lot of problems.
      • Find the product key in the receipt. Input this number on your system.
      • Activate your Windows installation
        8.    Troubleshooting tips:
    • Use an ethernet connection. Sometimes downloads timeout over wireless.
    • If the download manager gives you problems, use a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox