Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching - How to activate your account

AS OF 2/14/2019 the program has been changed to Azure for Teaching.

Contact Lisa Preble if you're experiencing problems.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Login at:

For Students (enrolled in STEM programs)

  • For most students, you will be asked to verify your @UCI.EDU email address and enter the portal.

For Students who are redirected to UCI's O365 page:
  • Create a Personal Microsoft Software account
    • Instructions are at OIT's page for Student O365
      • Please follow them carefully
    • Do not specify a personal gmail account anywhere in the process. Only specify your UCINetID and the account.
      • If you use a personal gmail account, you will not have access to the full library of software because Microsoft will not recognize your Academic association.
  • Login to Microsoft Azure Dev Tools using your "" login account.
  • Look for "Software"
  • Find Windows 10 (consumer editions), version 1903 - DVD
    • If you are asked to pay for Windows, then you have not created your account correctly or you have not logged in correctly.
  • Click the "view key" box on the right. Copy the serial number to a text file in case you cannot open the page again.
  • Click on "Download" on the bottom right to download the software.
    • You'll have Windows installer media in ".iso' format.
  • NOTE
    • Sometimes the download fails with Safari so use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.
          Contact Lisa Preble, if you have issues obtaining Windows 10 Pro using the Azure for Dev Tools website.

For Faculty, Research & Instructional Staff
(in STEM programs):        

  • Use your UCI O365 account to log in.
    • Login username is:
      • If you're with Engineering and don't have a O365 account, contact Brian Hurling at and he'll coordinate with OIT to get you signed up with UCI's O365 program for the purpose of downloading software.
      • Please know the process will take a few days.
    • For faculty & staff outside of Engineering, contact OIT for assistance
  • Software under this license CANNOT be installed on Administrative Staff computers.
    • Please refer to the license agreement and FAQ for details

Additional Information

How to install Windows using your Azure Windows download

How to install software such as Visio, Project, or Visual Studio using your Azure Download

What are the benefits of joining the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program?

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is more than a software subscription. Your school’s membership includes:

  • Access to the Microsoft platform, server, and developer tools and software, along with beta releases, new releases, and technical support.
  • Special license rights for departments to install Azure Dev Tools for Teaching software on any number of departmental lab machines for instructional and research purposes.
  • The ability for schools, institutions, labs, and their faculty and students to install the software on their personal computers for use in their coursework and development projects. Eligible students must be enrolled in at least one credit-based course by a member department.
  • Instant online access to all Azure Dev Tools for Teaching content.

The following product families are included in the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscriptions:

  • ·         Advanced Threat Analytics
  • ·         Agents for Visual Studio
  • ·         Azure DevOps Server
  • ·         BizTalk Server
  • ·         Host Integration Server
  • ·         Hyper-V Server
  • ·         Machine Learning Server
  • ·         Microsoft Access
  • ·         Microsoft Project
  • ·         Microsoft Visio
  • ·         R Server
  • ·         Remote Tools for Visual Studio
  • ·         SharePoint Server
  • ·         Skype for Business Server
  • ·         SQL Server Developer
  • ·         SQL Server Enterprise
  • ·         SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher
  • ·         SQL Server Standard
  • ·         SQL Server Web
  • ·         System Center
  • ·         Visual Studio Code
  • ·         Visual Studio Community
  • ·         Visual Studio Enterprise
  • ·         Visual Studo for Mac
  • ·         Windows 10
  • ·         Windows Server

How to Download Microsoft Software

To locate software downloads, look for Software under Education-Software directly after you login. If you close this page the Software link is difficult to find. It's easier to logout/ login again using the link above.

Microsoft Azure for Teaching

For more information, refer to the Microsoft Azure for Teaching FAQ.