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L-Edit Installation Instructions

Used by Professor Andrei Shkel for MAE 249/EECS 279: ³MicroSensors and Actuators²


1)      Download file.

  • Click on the above link, then click the download arrow above the folder name to download the entire contents.
  • Note: You must be logged in with your UCI Google Apps account

2)      Click on setup.exe in the Tanner directory:

3)      Install to a directory with no spaces, such as;


In other words, you'll have to create a folder called "Apps" or "Tanner" on C:

4)      Copy the .tlu license file to the installation directory C:\Apps\Tanner\LEdit10:


5)      On your computer, create a system variable so your software can communicate with the network license server 

        at campus IP address:

  • Go to System Properties (Right-click on “My Computer and select “Properties” )
  • Click Advanced System Settings 
  • Click on the “Advanced” tab. 
  • Click on “Environmental Variables” 
  • On System Variables, click “New” 
  • Variable name: tannerhost 
  • Variable value:

Note: ( 


 Here's what it should look like:


6)      If you are off campus, you will need to connect to the UCI network using VPN at “Full Connection"

  • Install VPN Software:
  • Authenticate with your UCINetID
  • Select “Full Connection:
    • This will not work with “WebVPN”