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MSC Software at HSSOE:

Since 1985, MSC Software has generously donated a wide range of software in support of instruction and academic research.

Some recent use of MSC Software at HSSOE includes:
    Professor James C. Earthman, Ph.D.,
        Best Presentation Award at MSC.Software® 2011 Users Conference for his presentation "Numerical Modeling of Dental Percussion Diagnostics using Marc”.
    MAE Coursework:  MAE 152 - Intro to Computer Aided Engineering.
    CEE Coursework:

Instructional & Academic-Use

As a result of MSC Software's donation, our School has 100 network licenses for software included in MSC Software's University-Bundle to share among faculty, researchers and students.

The software may be installed on University-owned computers for academic (non-commercial) research. Undergraduate and Graduate Students may install the software on personally-owned laptops for the purpose of instruction and academic (non-commercial) research.

Installation Instructions:

Please download the following items:
  • Lisa's Installation Notes - PLEASE READ
  • License server
    • For off-campus use, you must connect to UCI network using VPN.
  • You need to install to a directory with NO SPACES
    • ex, C:\Apps\
  • It helps to install in the following order:
    • Nastran, Patran, Dytran, Marc.
  • You need to install documentation before the product
    • See my installation notes (above) for details & troubleshooting

Downloading Software

You must be logged into your UCI Google Apps account in order to download the following software.

Windows Versions:

MSC Nastran

MSC Patran
MSC Dytran

MSC Marc

Sofy (~147.18 MB)

   sinda_2014_windows3264.exe (~422.72 MB)

Linux Versions:

Student Versions

MSC Software has student versions available to students at no-cost. Please know the student versions have design limitations.

Student version FAQ

MSC Learning Center

MSC offers online education, tutorials, and certifications through their MSC Learning Center.