About Tecplot

Tecplot is now available to all HSSOE faculty, staff, and students for both instructional and research use. The School consolidated departmental and individual-seat licenses for Tecplot into a single schoolwide site-license. 

The School has a 3-year commitment to sustain the license (until Dec 2017).

Available Tecplot Software

Download Tecplot

Download the following:
  • Software  (Refer to the Tecplot website for product descriptions)
    • Versions available for Windows, Linux, & Mac.
    • Tecplot 360 is the most common download
  • License Server

Please note:  You must login to your UCI Google Apps account in order to download Tecplot.

Once you install a product and run it, it will ask you for licensing information. 
  • Choose network license. 
The license server name is (here) the connection ports are the default.

If you encounter any issues installing or licensing the product, please contact Dan Melzer (dmelzer@uci.edu), ext 45619.


Tutorials available at Tecplot.