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Using AutoCad for Free

Using AutoCad on your laptop – for FREE

Join the AutoDesk Education Committee, today!

Did you know that as a registered student you can install AutoCad on your laptop, for free?  This is a fantastic way to work on your projects when you can’t work on campus.

Go to:

Registion is free. After the registration is complete (you’ll have to respond to an email message), you can download several products from AutoDesk including AutoCad. I highly recommend all Civil Engineering Students do this. It is an amazing program. The only difference with the student version software is there is a watermark on your printouts that say “Educational Version”.  The CEE lab computers with AutoDesk are very busy during mid-terms and finals so don’t wait.

What about Mac users?

There are some versions of AutoCad compatible for Macs.

Here's the AutoDesk website for Macs: