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Microsoft Imagine (DreamSpark) - How to install Windows using your download

STEP I - Download Windows

1) Go to: HSSoE Dreamspark Store

2) Click "Sign In" at the top. Please click the following link if you do not have a Dreamspark account or if you need to activate it.

Click here if you do not have a Dreamspark account

3) Once you are logged in, proceed to click on the "Microsoft" tab, then the "Operating Systems" tab, and select the product you want.

4) Proceed by selecting the product that you want. In this example, we chose Windows 7. Your next screen will have something similar to this:

5) Accept the Dreamspark's EULA (if you want the program) and remember to check whether you need 32-bit or 64-bit.

6) After you confirm your order, you should get to a receipt page, with information regarding your product key and how to install your operating system. Press the "Start download" button to proceed.

7) Download the "SDM" (Software Download Manager) and then install it. After installing the SDM, you want to open the SDX file, as prompted by the application.

8) After downloading the SDX file, you should get a prompt like the one below. For the Windows 7 case, select between 32-bit or 64-bit.

9) After finishing your download, press the "Launch" button, and you will be moved to the next screen with the download file location.

You'll then be redirected to a local folder where you will save your downloaded ISO file.

STEP II - Create your installer media.

1) Now you will create an installer media using your downloaded file. To do this, download and install the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool.

Note:  This tool works for Windows 8 and other Windows versions.

2) Once you install the program and run it, you'll be prompted to find the ISO that you downloaded before. Navigate to find it.

3) Once you have selected the ISO file, you'll be prompted to either select DVD or USB device as your media type. 

IMPORTANT: If you are using a USB drive, please use one that is 8GB in size or larger. In our experience, anything less than 8GB has problems.

STEP III - Install Windows

1) Now restart your computer with your prepared installer media (either USB or DVD). 

You may have to change your boot-up options within your BIOS to boot to USB drive or DVD.

If you need help booting with your USB device, check this out:
LINK: How To Boot Via USB Device

2)  For more help with the Windows installation process, view this:

How to Install W7 Via USB Flash Drive

3) I usually select the defaults and choose a strong password.

4) Activate your Windows installation using the Product Key from DreamSpark.

5) Your product key should look like this. Press on the "Your Accounts / Orders" at the top of the screen (denoted by red ellipse) to access this page. Your product key should be in the area where there is a blue box.

The Product Key should show up on your order's receipt.