Instructor Notes for HSSOE Labs

Campus Police Non-Emergency - 949-824-5223

For technical issues

For room reservations

Lab facilities issues (heat, AC, power, keys)

Lab Use

  • Scheduled classes have priority over student drop-in.

  • You may ask drop-in students to leave during scheduled classes.

  • If a student is reluctant to leave, please call campus police non-emergency line, 949-824-5223

  • HSSOE computer labs are restricted to HSSOE majors and students enrolled in HSSOE classes. If enrolled students are having issues logging in, please contact the HSSOE Lab Manager.

Software Requests

  • Contact Lab Manager, Lisa Preble (949) 824-3965,

  • I install new software during the summer so that I can test and troubleshoot for conflicts.

  • Our computing and network environment is complex and not all software can work in the labs.

      • I usually need to test the software before giving it the "okay".

      • Software that requires Administrator privileges or accounts cannot be used.

      • Software must be accessible over multiple user accounts.

  • Licensing requirements:

      • I do not install software that uses individual serial numbers.

      • All licensed software must use floating licenses with a FlexLM network license.

      • The network license must work across several subnets and separate from the Windows domain.

      • If it uses some other license I'll take a look at it but it probably won't work.

      • Sentinel licensing can sometimes work as long as the license isn't restricted to subnets or Windows domain.

Instructional resources

To find out about the podium and instructional capabilities, please click on each link