MSC Software

Since 1985, MSC Software has generously donated software in support of instruction and academic research.

Recent use of MSC Software at HSSOE includes:

Instructional & Academic-Use

  • HSSOE has 100 network licenses for software included in MSC Software's University-Bundle to share among faculty, researchers and students.

  • The software may be installed on University-owned computers for academic (non-commercial) research.

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students may install the software on personally-owned laptops for the purpose of instruction and academic (non-commercial) research.

Installation Instructions


      • Read the installation instructions (yes download it)

      • You need to install to a directory with NO SPACES

        • ex, C:\Apps\

      • It helps to install in the following order:

        • Nastran, Patran, Dytran, Marc.

  • License server

      • For off-campus use, you must connect to UCI network using VPN.

MSC Software Downloads

You must be logged into your UCI Google Apps account in order to download the following software.

Windows Versions:

Linux Versions:

MSC Academic Learning Center

MSC offers online education, tutorials, and certifications through their MSC Academic Learning Center.