Microsoft Azure - How to download & install Visio, Project, Visual Studio

These are basic steps to install software such as Visio, Project, and Visual Studio.

STEP 1 - Log into Azure Dev Tools site

STEP 2 - Find the Software Link

STEP 3 - Find the software you want to install, click on it.

STEP 4 - Find the Serial Key on the right side (scroll over to see image)

STEP 5 - Click Download

STEP 6 - After it's downloaded, right click on the download and select "Mount".

STEP 7- The software might show up as a DVD. Open it up.

STEP 8 - Find the setup.exe installer and then click on it to begin installation

STEP 9 - Refer to the serial number in shown in your Azure account for installation.

STEP 10 - Select "eject" on the DVD drive to eject the file.

STEP 11 - Enjoy your software