Abaqus-FEA software

Abaqus - Teaching License

  • This version is for instructional use only.


    • Dassault has been effective at finding license compliance issues, don't do it.

  • Contact Lorenzo Valdevit for the research license for funded research projects.

Limitations of the Abaqus teaching license:

  • Abaqus models up to 250,000 nodes

  • No user subroutines

  • Max of 4 CPU cores for parallel processing

For installation issues and questions, contact Lisa Preble, labs@eng.uci.edu

Abaqus - Help

Simulia Learning Community

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Abaqus Prerequisites


  1. Uninstall or pause third-party anti-virus software such as Avast, Norton, etc.

      1. For the HSSOE computer labs, I use the built-in Windows Defender because it doesn't cause issues with Engineering software installations.

      2. If you use Windows Defender, then don't pause or stop this software.

    1. Connect to campus VPN

Abaqus installation


  1. Connect to campus VPN or else installation won't work.

    1. You need to connect to campus VPN during installation and whenever you use the software so that it can get a license.

  2. Download and unzip installation file

  3. Find setup.exe. Right-click on it and select "Run as administrator"

4. You should see the welcome screen. Click Next.

5. Make sure there are no spaces in the installation path. Click Next.

6. Select the following products for installation

  • Abaqus/Standard Solver

  • Abaqus/Explicit Solver

  • Abaqus CAE

  • Abaqus Samples

7. License server configuration

  • Select SIMULIA FLEXnet

8. Input license server

  • 27010@license-svr.eng.uci.edu

  • You must be connected to UCI's VPN

  • If you see an error message check the license server name and also verify you're connected to VPN

  • If you still can't get a license, it's likely your anti-virus software is causing a conflict.

  • You can configure license server connection after installation if you cannot figure out the issue.

9. If your computer sees a license, it will continue to the next screen. Make sure there are no spaces in the installation path.

10. Make sure there are no spaces in the working directory path.

11. Again, make sure there are no spaces in the path.

  • I use "apps" directory in the labs, but you don't need to do that on your laptop.

12. Confirm the products that will install.

      • Look at the products and path names and make sure it all looks okay

13. You'll see installation progress. It'll take several minutes.

13. You'll see first confirmation, but it's not done yet.

14. Check all the boxes whenever you see this box. It'll come up 2 or 3 times.

15. Verification will come up. If there's problems with installation you can look at the logs listed here.

    • After you click continue, installation will continue

16. Installation is now complete. Click Close and restart your computer.