Lab HowTo's

How do I log onto the lab computers?

    • Use your UCINetID and UCI Password. This would be the same login as your UCI Email or to register for classes.

Who can use the HSSOE computer labs?

    • The HSSOE computer labs are limited to Engineering majors and students enrolled in Engineering courses.

    • Our accounts are generated from the UCI Registrar's enrollment lists

How do I print? I'm having problems printing.

How do I get a door access code?

  • Door codes are sent to Engineering students on a quarterly basis.

  • Please go to the Student Affairs Office front desk and ask for a door code if you do not receive the email message.

  • Door codes are used to access ECT 123 and MSTB 224 after hours.

What programs are installed?

What if I lose my notebook, textbook, or USB hard drive?

  • The lab manager maintains a lost and found.

  • Please stop by ECT 120G or call 824-3965.

  • The campus police department also maintains a campus-wide lost and found.

Who cleans up the lab?

    • You do, the students. Please keep it clean! Do not leave water bottles or food at the work stations.

    • PLEASE throw your food trash outside.

    • If the labs are excessively dirty, please call the lab manager, Lisa, 949-824-3965.

Who do I call for help?

    • If there is a problem with a computer, please call the lab manager at 949-824-3965.

    • If there is a problem with a homework assignment, ask your Engineering friends or your TA.

I don’t see the program I need.

  • Contact the lab manager at 949-824-3965 or

  • If there is something you need I will see if I can get a license for it, as long as it is related to a course or in support of your educational goals.

  • The departments within HSSOE usually provide the software and licenses when it is used for instruction within their department.

What kind of things can I work on in the lab?

  • Please limit your use to education.

  • You are expected to be in compliance with University computing policy.

  • Abuse of the computer lab resources will not be tolerated.

  • Downloading or making available copyrighted material is not allowed.


  • Running processes on multiple computers is NOT ALLOWED.

Where do I save my files?

    • Permanent storage -

      • If you do not want your files to be erased, then you should save them to online storage such as Google Drive, USB flash drive, or other external storage.

    • Very temporary storage –

      • Anything stored on the desktop or in your local profile (C:\Documents and Settings\userfolder) may be deleted during software upgrades throughout the quarter.

    • PLEASE SAVE OFTEN! Save every 10-15 minutes.

I don’t see the files I saved here last week.

Again, you probably saved them in a location that is regularly cleaned up. Please save your files to a permanent location such a USB flash drive or online. The lab computers are NOT backed up so we cannot restore your lost files. They are gone forever.

Hardware Specifications

About the lab computers

  • We have approximately 180PC's available for instruction & student-use.

    • Current lab computers were purchased Summer 2019.

    • The operating system is Windows 10, 64-bit, Education version.

    • Make & model: HP Z2 G5 Small Form-Factor Workstation.

    • Components include:

      • Processor: Intel Xeon

      • Memory; 32 GB RAM

      • Video card: NVidia Quadro P1000, 2 GB

      • Hard drive: 2 TB