Siemens at UCI Engineering

Thank you Siemens Corporation for granting software to UCI Engineering.

Siemens at HSSOE Computer Labs

Siemens Software is installed in all HSSOE instructional computer labs including ECT 123, MSTB 224,  ET 201, and ET 204.   These labs are available to all UCI Engineering undergraduate and graduate students.  

The following packages are available for download and are installed in HSSOE instructional labs:

Xcelerator Academy

Access to Siemens Xcelerator Academy:

How to register:

1. Go to URL: 

2. Login with your Siemens Account, or Create a new account using your email address.

3. Complete your registration and confirm any account changes. 

4. Check your email inbox (and also spam)  for a message titled “Welcome to Xcelerator Academy” from which will confirm your access. 

5. To begin viewing On-Demand content, go to 

Using a Voucher to Register for a Certification Exam

NX Certification

Resources for NX Certification

Siemens NX

What's NX?

Siemens NX is CAD/CAM software, formerly Unigraphics

Siemens NX Installation

1) Download software and unpack it

2)  If you are off campus or using UCI Wi-Fi , connect to Campus VPN

3)  Right-click on Launch.exe inside the installation folder.  Select "Run as Administrator".

4) Select Install NX

5)  License server:

6) After installation use the “Siemens Licensing Tool” to enter the license server.

7) Check the Bundle settings - you can select two bundles at a time but all are included with our license.

8)   IMPORTANT: Open NX and select bundles. Go to File - Utilities - Bundle Settings

9) Additional installation instructions are located in the installation .zip file.

Solid Edge

What's Solid Edge?

Solid Edge is 3D CAD, parametric feature and synchronous technology solid modeling software. 

Solid Edge Installation

1)  Right-click on installer and select "Run as Administrator".

2)  Enter your name and organization.

3)  Select where you want to install it.

4) You'll see something like this image:

 3) After installation you'll be prompted to enter a license server when you start the software

4) Enter the license server

Solid Edge Benefits

One of the main benefits of Solid Edge is that it uses synchronous technology vs history based.

  • Unique to Siemens, synchronous technology combines the benefits of direct modeling and parametric design into one solution. You can work directly with design geometry and make changes instantly, while still maintaining control through an organized feature tree. This makes it easier to implement late stage design changes, modify imported 3D CAD, and edit multiple assemblies simultaneously – just to name a few common design challenges this technology helps to solve. 


What's StarCCM+ ?

StarCCM is  a multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software 

Siemens StarCCM+ Installation

1)  Download StarCCM+ and unzip it.

2)  If you are off campus or using UCI Wi-Fi then connect to Campus VPN

3)  Before installation, create a System Environment variable.

4)      Right Click and select "Run as Administrator" on the the following installer located in the unzipped StarCCM+ folder:

5)      Choose Advanced Installation, Next

6)      For path, use one without spaces

7)   For Components use this;

8)   Select the option to access a network license server

9)  For Flexnet client Configuration, input the license server

 10)   Choose additional tasks to install here:

11)   Complete Installation

12)   Run a process to test connection to license server.

13)  Go to File - New

14)  The license server should read:

15)  After you edit the server, change the License box back to "Default".  Click OK.

15)  After you click OK, the software will check out a license. You should see a confirmation.  You might see an error message.  Usually you should be okay as long as you see the confirmation you got a license.

Simcenter 3D

What's Simcenter 3D?

Simcenter 3D  is a complete solution for modeling nonlinear and transient heat transfer phenomena

Simcenter Installation

1) Download the software and unpack it

2) Right-click on Launch.exe inside the installation folder.  Select "Run as Administrator."

3) Click on "Install Simcenter 3D".

4) Input license server:


Fibersim installation

1) (Under construction)

Fibersim configuration

1) Open the licensing "Tool-Licensing Tool" located in the Windows - Siemens NX start menu.

2) Select Fibersim as one of the bundles.

3) If you don't see Fibersim or if you get an error, look at Environment Settings to make sure NX has a license.


What's FEMAP?

FEMAP is advanced simulation pre- and post-processor for creating and editing finite element models of complex products

 FEMAP installation

7.  Select the language.

8. Select Network Client-FLEXlm for the setup type

7)  Click install

8)  Choose Scratch directory

9) IMPORTANT!!!  Do this in order to connect to the license server: add a System Variable.

Go to System Properties (Right click on This PC and select Properties), click on the Advanced tab, then Environment Variables. Click on System Variables, New.

Add the following information:

10) FEMAP is installed. You should be able to start the software.


What's Amesim?

AMESIM is commercial simulation software for the modeling and analysis of multi-domain systems

Amesim Installation

When you get to this step, use the information in the activation file

RcTech / HEEDS

What is HEEDS?

HEEDS is powerful design space exploration and optimization software interfacing with CAD and CAE tools to drive product innovation

Simcenter Tire

What's Simcenter Tire?

Simcenter Tire is tire modeling for vehicle performance simulation. 

Simcenter Battery Design Studio

What's Battery Design Studio?

Simcenter BDS  supports engineers in digitally validate Li-ion cell design thanks to details geometrical cell specifications and cell performance simulation

Prerequisites for Student Training

Please complete the following steps BEFORE attending NX training at the Engineering Student Conference. The trainers will be unable to assist with installation issues at the conference.

STEP 1:   Please go to the links above to obtain the installation files for STAR-CCM+ and NX.

STEP 2:   We require that you install and test the software by opening a new file before the session since Siemens will not have time to troubleshoot licensing issues during the session.

STEP 3:  Please self-register for NX E-Learning using instructions (How to self-register for a Learning Advantage Membership)

STEP 4:  We also require that if you plan to attend the NX session that you have a basic understanding of the software. Please complete the first e-learning sections up through the sections showing how to build parts before the class.

            The NX session will be focused on helping users who have completed this content and are building their CAD for the conference.