Solidworks - Student Engineering Kit (SEK)

Solidworks SEK is a full-version for student-owned computer and laptops


  • Using SOLIDWORKS Education Edition and Student Engineering Kit (SEK) for commercial or funded research is NOT license compliant.

  • The SEK version cannot be installed on UC-owned computers including research labs and computer labs.

  • Use the Education version for UC-owned computers


Solidworks Student Engineering Kit is available to HSSOE students at no cost.

  • This is a full version of Solidworks.

  • There is no cost to end-users

  • Details about features included in Solidworks SEK.

Solidworks Tutorials and Training

Visit MySolidworks for "All Things Solidworks" including tutorials, training, CSWA & CSWP prep, and user forums.

Solidworks Training

Vouchers for CSWA and CSWP exams

  • Please contact Lisa Preble to obtain a voucher if you're interested in taking the CSWA or CSWP exams outside of your Solidworks course.

  • Scroll down to find exams you can take

What is included with our campus license?

1) The Solidworks SEK Software

2) Training via MySolidWorks for Students ($360 value per student)


      • USE SOLIDWORKS Student Premium serial number-

      • Online Training Catalog (powered by SOLIDProfessor) tutorials, with learning paths including: CSWA Exam Prep Course and Sample Exercises, CSWP Exam Prep Course and Sample Exercises, SOLIDWORKS CAM, and Additive Manufacturing.

    • Fundamentals of 3D Design and Simulation - eBook

    • Fundamentals of SW Electrical - eBook

3) Certification Exams - Your instructor or Lisa Preble ( can provide you with a voucher

Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Academic

    • CSWA - Academic $99 value each

    • CSWA - Additive Mfg. $50 value each

    • CSWA - Electrical $20 value each

    • CSWA - Sustainability $20 value each

    • CSWA - Simulation $50 value each

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Academic

    • CSWP - Academic $99 value each

    • CSWPA - Drawing Tools $20 value each

    • CSWPA - CAM $50 value each

    • CSWPA - MBD $50 value each

    • CSWPA - Mold Tools $20 value each

    • CSWPA - Simulation $50 value each

    • CSWPA - Sheet Metal $20 value each

    • CSWPA - Surfacing $20 value each

    • CSWPA - Weldments $20 value each

Certified SOLIDWORKS Accredited Educator is provided when you complete: Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Exam, and the Technology Educator Competency Exam

Academic certifications changes:

a) Post-secondary institutions are not required to proctor certification exams.

b) Faculty can now request exam vouchers:

Download Solidworks SEK

    • Solidworks SEK is a full-version licensed directly with Solidworks for 365 days.

STEP 1 - Open the following links:

Use your UCI Google Apps account to view SEK-ID.

      • If you see the "You Need Permission" message it means you are NOT logged in with your UCI Google Apps account.

        • Switch to your UCI Google Apps account

        • NOTE: We will ignore all "Request Access" messages

        • OIT provides UCI Google apps support:

            • UCI Google Apps

            • Note: You can use UCI Google Apps w/o Gmail.

STEP 2 - Go to download site and fill-in Student Access Form:

  1. Visit:

  2. Enter your personal information

  3. Select a current version

  4. Use your @UCI.EDU email address.

    1. You cannot download the software with a non-UCI.EDU email address.

  5. Click "Request Download"

STEP 3- Download Software

  1. Accept Agreement

  2. Click Download

Solidworks Prerequisites:

Before proceeding with your Solidworks installation, please do the following:

  1. Uninstall or pause third-party anti-virus software such as McAfee, Norton, AVG, etc .


    2. I use the built-in Windows AV software

  2. Install the latest Microsoft .NET framework.

  3. Disable UAC

  4. Verify that your system meets the criteria specified in

      • If your system or video card isn't listed, the installation might still be okay.

      • The video card requirement is approximate.

      • I do not use a supported video card in the HSSOE computer labs and Solidworks works.

  5. Uninstall any alpha, beta, or pre-release versions of the Solidworks software.

          • Back up all SOLIDWORKS files you have created and wish to continue using (e.g. parts, assemblies, and drawings, document templates, sheet formats, library features, form tools, Toolbox parts (as applicable)) before upgrading to Solidworks.

          • If you uninstall an older version, please be sure to also uninstall Simulation products, along with older versions of eDrawings®, and other products, etc.

          • Scroll down to "How to uninstall Solidworks"

5. If you wish to move your un-expired license to a new computer, please be sure to transfer your license before uninstalling the software.

    • Start Solidworks, go to Help - Transfer licenses (select all the Solidworks products when doing this).

Install Solidworks SEK

  1. Right-click on the downloaded SolidWorksSetup.exe, Select "Run as Administrator."

    • The file will unpack to "SLDM" in your Downloads.

  2. Open SLDM. Right-click on sldIM.exe and select "Run as Administrator".

3) Solidworks Installation manager will start.

    • Select "Install on this Computer"

    • Click Next.

4) Check the box for: "3D Design"

5) On Summary screen click Change next to Products.

6) IMPORTANT!! Do not install Solidworks Electrical

  • De-Select Solidworks Electrical

  • it will cause errors and it will also install Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Use this feature at your own risk

7) Click Change for Download Options

8) Select the option to Download Only.

  • Also look at download location.

  • Click Back to Summary

  • If you have the most recent version or if you don't want to download the latest version, select "Install Only".

    • Jump to step 13

9) Verify options, accept license agreement, click Download Now.

10) You will see a confirmation when the download is complete

  • Notice download location

11) Find the download,

  • Usually in Documents, Solidworks Download.

  • Right-click on Setup.exe and select "Run as Administrator".

12) Repeat steps 3 -6 above

  • Remember to de-select Solidworks Electrical

13) Verify installation locations of files

14) Verify the options you selected and click Install Only

15) When you first launch Solidworks, you'll be asked to Activate the software. Activate it over the internet.


You need to activate Solidworks on your first use.

Select the option to activate over the internet. ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and then click next.

Installation Troubleshooting

1) Completely uninstall software and all related components using "Advanced".

    • Scroll down to see detailed instructions.

    • Uninstall Solidworks and everything that might have been included such as viewers.

    • Look in "Uninstall Software" on Windows uninstall anything with Solidworks in the name.

    • Use CCleaner to clean-up the registry

    • Look in the system registry for anything related to Solidworks and delete those entries.

      • If you don't know what I mean by this, then it's probably a good idea to skip this step.

      • Otherwise, go to start - run, type in regedit. Search for AutoCad and Solidworks.

2) Install the latest Microsoft .Net Framework.

3) Choose the option to "Download Only'.

    • If your are downloading over wi-fi I recommend the option to download only. Then after the software has downloaded start the installation manager and install.

    • To install the Solidworks after you downloaded it, you can start the installation manager and it will ask you to locate the downloaded software. Or, you can locate the setup.exe file in you download. Of course, make a note where you downloaded the software to.

4) The Solidworks installation screen is blank

5) Solidworks installation gives an error "A Windows reboot is pending from a previous installation".

  • This is an ambiguous problem. It could be there's an incompatibility.

  • One student followed the solution for "Installation screen is blank" (see above solution) and it worked.

6) The Solidworks installation doesn't complete. There's a SQL error.

Solidworks Electrical requires Microsoft SQL Server as an prerequisite but installation often fails.

Please make sure that Electrical is de-selected on ALL installation screens. This means BOTH the Summary screen and the following Product Selection screen.

Note, when you de-select Electrical from the Summary Screen you need to verify products on the following screen because by default Electrical does not automatically uncheck in Product Selection. This is annoying and a constant source of frustration. The reseller has not made this correction in their installer.

7) I need to use Electrical. How to I install it? There's a SQL error.

  • Google the issue or watch this on YouTube

8) How to uninstall Solidworks


9) There's an installation issue and you can't find a solution.

Here's my Solidworks installation troubleshooting checklist.

      • Sorry there’s no magic button when dealing with solidworks. It’s process of elimination. Of course you can also google the error.

      • When you run the installer, make sure you right click on the setup.exe file and select Run as Administrator.

      • Go through the prerequisites.

      • Don't use third party antivirus software such as Avast, AVT, Norton, etc.

        • I only use windows defender because so many engineering software has issues.

      • Make sure you have the dot net framework.

      • Make sure you have all the windows updates and driver updates.

      • Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive.

      • Windows 11 should be compatible with the 2022-2023 version so make sure you’re using that version and the corresponding serial number.

      • Make sure you’re using the SEK version and not the version that connects to the license server. I’m assuming this is for your laptop. The network version is best with desktops connected with ethernet.

Other Solidworks Issues

1) You see an error the Student Version has expired.

2) How to Renew the SEK version without updating the software:

Solidworks installation for Students- How to update the license key

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features.

  2. Select SolidWorks and click on Change.

  3. In the GUI that opens, select Modify the individual installation.

  4. Enter the new key.

  5. Click through Next to the end.

  6. Click Modify now.

  7. Then relaunch SolidWorks.

3) How many installations can I have with the SEK version?

From Solidwroks SEK FAQ:

  • Student Edition serial numbers allow for two simultaneous activations. You can install and activate SOLIDWORKS on two systems at a time. Hence you can use the same serial number to install and activate SOLIDWORKS on another system.

  • If you want to use on more than two systems, you can deactivate the software on one of the systems using the instructions below.

  • Or, you can use the network license version, but you'll need to authenticate with campus VPN whenever you use Solidworks. This might be a problem with your wi-fi.

3) I want to move the license to a different computer. How do I deactivate/activate a license.

Follow the steps below for deactivating a SOLIDWORKS license:

5) I need to de-activate Solidworks but the hard drive is broken

Your options are

      1. Our sales person says you should be able to install on the new hard drive without issues. Let us know if you have problems at

      2. Or, you can Install the network license version instead of the SEK version. Be sure to connect to UCI VPN whenever you use the software.

      3. The SEK version deactivates after a year. You can wait it out and install after a year has passed assuming you're still a UCI student.

6) Solidworks isn't running right.

7) How to uninstall Solidworks


How to uninstall Solidworks

  • This video shows the "Clean Installation" procedure

1) Go to Windows Settings, Apps & Features, Solidworks, click on Uninstall

2) Go to Advanced, click Change

3) Select the option to delete Registry items and program files. (BACK UP YOUR DATA). Go Back to Summary.


5) Consider something like CCleaner to do further cleanup and removal.

Solidworks PDM Standard

Solidworks PDM Standard is included with the SEK license for Students.

Please refer to the following pages:

Other file management options:

  • GrabCad Workbench is cloud based file management.

  • Google "solidworks file management without pdm" for other options

About SolidWorks

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