Microsoft Azure Dev Tools - How to install Windows using your download

STEP 1 - Activate your Account

STEP 2 - Download Windows

Login to Azure and Get Windows 10

      • Login to Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

        • Use one of the following



      • Look for "Software"

      • Find Windows 10 (consumer editions), DVD

          1. If you are asked to pay for Windows, then you have not created your account correctly or you have not logged in correctly.

      • Click the "view key" box on the right. Copy the serial number to a text file in case you cannot open the page again.

      • Click on "Download" on the bottom right to download the software.

        • You'll have Windows installer media in ".iso' format.

      • NOTE

        • Sometimes the download fails with Safari so use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.

        • Contact Lisa Preble, if you have issues obtaining Windows 10 Pro using the Azure for Dev Tools website.

STEP 3 - Create your installer media.

Do this step if you are updating a PC or a laptop OS. This is not required for Fusion or a VM.

  • Now you will create an installer media using your downloaded file. To do this, download and install the Windows 10 Media Installation tool
  • Follow the instructions on the Windows 10 Media Installation Tool page - expand, "Use the Tool to Create Installation Media"
  • Once you install the program and run it, you'll be prompted to find the ISO that you downloaded before. Navigate to find it.

3) Once you have selected the ISO file, you'll be prompted to either select DVD or USB device as your media type.

IMPORTANT: If you are using a USB drive, please use one that is 8GB in size or larger. In our experience, anything less than 8GB has problems.

STEP III - Install Windows

1) Now restart your computer with your prepared installer media (either USB or DVD).

You may have to change your boot-up options within your BIOS to boot to USB drive or DVD.

If you need help booting with your USB device, check this out:

LINK: How To Boot Via USB Device

2) For more help with the Windows installation process, view this:

3) I usually select the defaults and choose a strong password.

4) Activate your Windows installation using the Product Key from Azure.