About L-Edit

Used by Professor Andrei Shkel for MAE 249/EECS 279: ³MicroSensors and Actuators²

Installation Instructions

1)      Download TannerTools from UCI Google Drive

2)  Right-click on TannerTools and select "Run as Administrator"

3)  Click on "Install Products"

4) Select location to install software.  Make sure there are no spaces in the path or select the default. Click Next.

5) Confirm installation folder.

6) Select Products and click Next.

7) Read the license agreement and click Agree.

7) Verify installation folder and click Install

8) A box will come up asking to install shortcuts, click Yes.

9) Software installation will let you know when it's complete. Click Done.

10 ) Configure License.   Click Manage Licensing, then Configure Licensing.

11)  Click "NO".  A pop up box will ask if you would like to install/update licensing. Click NO.

12)  Select option to point to a license server. Click Next.

13)  For license server use:  29000@license-siemens.eng.uci.edu


Note: This only works from campus network.  If you are off-campus or using campus wi-fi, then connect to UCI VPN. Use the default VPN connection.

Click "Test" to verify the connection works.  You should get a successful confirmation.  It'll say "Server is Valid."

14)  It'll ask if you have more licenses to setup, click NO.

15) Click Exit. You're done with installation.  Now you can run the software. Look for a shortcut on our desktop or under "Mentor Graphics" in Windows Start. 

If you need to run the license tool again, go to Windows Start, then "Mentor".  Select "Mentor Install."

16) If you're still having issues running the software, check if the installation created an environmental variable. 

You should have the following system variable: