ArcGIS for Students

The Student Version of ArcGIS can be obtained from OIT for no charge to students.

The Student Version cannot be installed on University-owned computers or faculty laptops.

The research version can be purchased from OIT's Software Catalog and installed on university-owned equipment.

To obtain ArcGIS for Students

1) Fill out request form at the OIT Service Now website.

2) Click on "ArcGIS for Students"

    • Check the box and click on Order Now, it should be free.

    • Otherwise, make sure you're logged into your UCI account when viewing the webpage.

    1. Click on "ArcGIS for Students"

    1. Select "I am a currently-enrolled student."

    2. Click "Order Now"

    1. OIT responds with a confirmation code and instructions on how to download it.

    2. Please contact OIT Help Desk if you have any problems with the ordering process., 949-824-42222. (This website is provided by HSSOE, not OIT).