Mobile Printing at HSSOE Labs

Wepa Questions

Where are Wepa printers at HSSOE?

    • ET 201

Where are Wepa printers at UCI?

How much does printing cost?

  • Visit OIT Wepa Printing

  • Printing Prices: for OIT Wepa kiosks only

    • B&W

      • Single-sided on 1 sheet = 9 Cents per sheet

      • Double-sided on 1 sheet = 17 Cents per sheet

    • Color

      • Single-sided on 1 sheet = 25 Cents per sheet

      • Double-sided on 1 sheet = 49 Cents per sheet

What is the process for printing?

Where do I go for support? Where do I go for refunds?

How to use Wepa printer in ET 201

1) Go to the Wepa Print System

2) Select University of California Irvine from the list and login with your UCINetID

3) From the web portal you can:

  • Add funds using paypal or a credit card

  • Upload documents

  • Connect your google drive

  • Install Wepa print drivers onto your laptop

4) Upload your document to the Wepa Print portal

    • Visit wepa for all upload options

    • You can use the web interface

    • You can upload from your laptop or mobile device

5) Go to a Wepa Printer in ET 201 or any Wepa Printer on campus..

  1. Login at any Wēpa print station.

  2. Select the documents you want to print.

  3. Choose your payment method.

  4. Collect your prints.


  1. Use the Wepa Print App to set up your touchless document release