Mac Users - Start Here

If you have a Mac read this and get it ready before classes start

IMPORTANT: Macs with ARM processors (starting in 2020) should NOT be used in Engineering.

Reason 1: Software incompatibilities with ARM processor. Not all Engineering software will install, even with a Windows VM.

Reason 2:  Your Engineering software will be buggy and slow, if it installs at all.

Known issues with Arm (M1 & M2) processor:

STEP 1 - Figure out what kind of processor you have, Intel?  M1 or M2?

FOR ARM BASED MACS with M1 / M2 Processor

Your options to use Windows are:

OPTION 1 - Use Fusion 13 or newer with Windows 11 for ARM

OPTION 2 - Use Parallels with Windows 11 for ARM

We do not expect Engineering software to work with Parallels & Windows 11 or ARM.  

Expect to use the HSSOE computer labs.


Macs with Intel Processor

Your options to use Windows are:

1) VM with Windows with Fusion & Windows 11 or Parallels and Windows 11

2) Bootcamp

STEP 1 - OBTAIN WINDOWS - Macs with Intel Processor

Option 1 -  Install Windows on your Mac using Fusion - Macs with Intel

Option 2 -  Install Windows on your Mac using Bootcamp - Intel Macs

Prepare your Laptop and Plan

Install Windows using Bootcamp

TIP:  Use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi

Install fan control software to help with over-heating (for Bootcamp).

OTHER INSTALLATION WORK - After you have Windows installed

1) Install system and security updates on Windows.

2) UCI requires you to use anti-virus software.

3) Install the latest Microsoft .Net Framework.

Other resources for Mac Users

In the event you are having difficulty installing Windows, Please be aware of the following resources: