What software do I need to install?

Use this as a guide to prepare for lower division courses. Also refer to course catalog and schedule.

All Engineering Students

ENGR-General Engineering

ENGR 7A/7B - Freshmen Design Course


EECS Students

  • All EECS:

      • Matlab

      • Text editor, options include:

      • Linux

          • Some EECS classes use the EECS Linux cluster

          • You will log on remotely via terminal emulation software with X forwarding client

          • Options include

        • WinSCP

            • Used to copy files to a Linux or Unix server

  • EECS 10, CSE10 and CPE 10

      • Laptop running Microsoft VisualStudio, Apple XCode 4.1, or NetBeans 7.3 or newer IDEs

          • Microsoft Visual Studio (for Windows users)

          • Xcode (for Mac users)

          • Laptop with SSH and X client software.

      • Some faculty teach C with linux using the EECS linux cluster

          • Check with course website and canvas for details

  • EECS 12

      • Laptop running Python (latest most stable version).

  • EECS 20

  • EECS 22 & 22L

      • Open-source toolchain.

  • EECS 31LA

  • EECS 40

  • EECS - Upper Division

      • Matlab

      • Labview

      • PCB design software

      • Cadence

          • You'll connect to EECS Linux cluster

      • ANSYS Electronics Desktop

          • Used in upper division courses

MAE Students

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Chemical & Biomolecular Students (CBE)

  • CBE

      • currently no software requirements for first-year ChemE students unless you are enrolled in ENGR 7A/7B.

  • CBE - General

  • CBEMS 110

      • Polymath

      • Obtain from your instructor.

      • Polymath requires Windows version of Excel

  • CBE 145

Materials Science (MSE)

  • Currently no software requirements for first-year MSE students unless you are enrolled in ENGR 7A/7B.

  • Expect to use the following software

  • FEA software

      • You will likely use FEA software in your upper division courses.

      • Options include: