LabView for Students

The Student Version of LabView can be obtained from OIT for no charge to students.

The Student Version cannot be installed on University-owned computers or faculty laptops.

The research version can be purchased from OIT's Software Catalog and installed on university-owned equipment.

Instructions for obtaining the Student Version of LabView.

1) Fill out request form at the OIT Service Now website.

2) Click on "LabView for Students"

    • Check the box and click on Order Now, it should be free.

    • Otherwise, make sure you're logged into your UCI account when viewing the webpage.

3) Check Email for Further Instructions

    • You'll eventually receive an email stating that your request for the software has been approved. Keep this Email. It will contain a link to a site with further instructions, click on the link in step 2.

4) Download Academic Software

    • Download the LabView program and use the authorization code emailed to you. The code is towards the bottom of the email.

5) Install

    • Open the file downloaded named "2019LV" (or whatever version you have)

    • "Open" when prompted. Proceed through installation using default settings. "Yes" when finished unzipping. Installer should now start.

    • Fill out with your name and UC Irvine.

    • Then input authorization code for LabView 2019 (Base). Continue with installation accepting all conditions until program starts installing.

    • Decline installing support. You should now be in the NI Licensing Wizard. Create your own NI account. After logging in to that account in the wizard, click on the link on the lower left “Enter Serial Numbers”

    • Click Activate and it should display "Activation Successful"

    • Continue until asked to restart your computer, after restarting you should be able to use LabView