Solidworks for Faculty, Labs, & Grad Students -

Network License

Solidworks Education software may be used for Academic non-commercial research and non-funded research.

  • For commercial or funded research, or applications where a watermarke is not desired, contact Dave Alpert for Solidworks Sales,

  • The Education edition (network license) must be used on University-owned computers.

  • Do not use the Student Edition (SEK) on UC-owned computers including research & computer labs.

  • Non-Engineering users contact for permission and guidance

Download Solidworks (Network License Version)

Solidworks 2022-2023 version:

Download .zip file: Solidworks zip

  • Make sure you download entire zip and unzip it

License server & serial number - license server

  • If you see the "You Need Permission" message it means you are NOT logged in with your UCI Google Apps account.

    • View instructions on how to switch between Gmail accounts.

    • NOTE: We will ignore all "Request Access" messages

    • If you continue to have problems, contact Lisa Preble,

  • OIT provides UCI Google apps support:


1) Unzip the file using Windows, 7zip, or whatever you typically use.

2) Click on setup.exe to start the installation.

3) Use the serial number and license server from the file you downloaded above.

4) Select "Individual Installation"

  • Check the box for "3D Design Solidworks Standard, Professional, Premium, or Solidworks License"

    • Enter the serial number below this option.

  • Do not enter any other serial numbers

  • Click 'next" at the bottom

  • Verify installation location.

  • Click 'Install Now"

  • You will be prompted to enter the HSSOE license server, 25734@<server-name>

5) Note: I generally do not install the Electric components because it installs Microsoft SQL. Even if it's deselected, sometimes it installs

      • Make sure that Electrical is de-selected on ALL installation screens. This means BOTH the Summary screen and the following Product Selection screen.

      • Note, when you de-select Electrical from the Summary Screen you need to verify products on the following screen because by default Electrical does not automatically uncheck in Product Selection. This is annoying and a constant source of frustration. The reseller has not made this correction in their installer.

      • See image on

5) Additional Installation instructions.

6) When I upgrade the software, I usually find it necessary to completely uninstall. Then I clean-up the computers and old registry entries with CCleaner. Then I'm ready to install the recent version.


Please see this link for troubleshooting tips.

About our Solidworks License:

This is a full-version of Solidworks. Please know it is 1 year behind the commercial version and there may be incompatibilities with the commercial version.

Usage requires a UCI campus IP address so that you can obtain a license from the on-campus license server. Off-campus users should use the UCI VPN service.

The following software packages are available to faculty & students through our contract:

  • Solidworks Academic Version

      • Uses our network license server

  • Solidworks SEK - Student Engineering Kit.

    • We are limited to 2000 installations therefore it's limited to Engineering students.

    • This is a full version.

    • Licensing & downloads are through Solidworks.

Vouchers for CSWA exams

Please contact Lisa Preble to obtain a voucher that will cover the cost of your CSWA exam. If you're an instructor and want to distribute voucher codes to students, then fill out the form at this link.

As of 2019, CSWA exams no longer have to be proctored for Academic courses.

What is included with our license?

1) Solidworks Software

2) Training via MySolidWorks for Students ($360 value per student)


      • USE SOLIDWORKS Student Premium serial number-

      • Online Training Catalog (powered by SOLIDProfessor) tutorials, with learning paths including: CSWA Exam Prep Course and Sample Exercises, CSWP Exam Prep Course and Sample Exercises, SOLIDWORKS CAM, and Additive Manufacturing.

    • Fundamentals of 3D Design and Simulation - eBook

    • Fundamentals of SW Electrical - eBook

3) Certification Exams -

Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Academic

    • CSWA - Academic $99 value each

    • CSWA - Additive Mfg. $50 value each

    • CSWA - Electrical $20 value each

    • CSWA - Sustainability $20 value each

    • CSWA - Simulation $50 value each

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Academic

    • CSWP - Academic $99 value each

    • CSWPA - Drawing Tools $20 value each

    • CSWPA - MBD $50 value each

    • CSWPA - Mold Tools $20 value each

    • CSWPA - Simulation $50 value each

    • CSWPA - Sheet Metal $20 value each

    • CSWPA - Surfacing $20 value each

    • CSWPA - Weldments $20 value each

Certified SOLIDWORKS Accredited Educator is provided when you complete: Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Exam, and the Technology Educator Competency Exam

Certification Vouchers for Instructors

Academic certifications changes:

a) Post-secondary institutions are not required to proctor certification exams.

b) Faculty can now request exam vouchers: