Rocscience Software


Starting Spring 2014, the CEE Department commenced participation in Rocscience's Education Program allowing students access to their geotechnical analysis and design programs.

Associate Professor Anne Lemnitzer, Ph.D., spearheaded the program for HSSOE and the software will be used in the following courses:

Download Software

Please click here to download software, instructions, and license server info.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must be logged on using your UCI Google Apps account to download software

Be sure to download:


For support visit Rocscience Support


We don’t officially support our software on Mac computers, however we had reports of users successfully running it on these machines. Keep in mind that Personal or Evaluation licenses can only be installed in Boot Camp environment – they will not function when using Parallels or any software which runs Windows as a virtual machine.

Installation Instructions


1) Download "Step 2 - Rocscience Software" and unzip

2)  Right click on rss1092j08s.exe and select "Run as Administrator" to install software


1) Open up a web browser, type in the following URL:


2) Select Configuration option in the left pane and then

3) Click on Access to Remote License Managers tab

3) Check the boxes for: 

4) Go to the  Remote License Search Parameters box and type in the IP address of the license server

5)  Press Submit button to save settings.

Verify configuration is working

1)  Press the Products option in the left pane. If the license server has been found, you will see the license(s) in the products list (see below).


2) You can run Rocscience once the client has found the remote license server and the license is showing up in Products page.

Rocscience’s easy to use geotechnical analysis and design programs help engineers create safe, affordable solutions in rock and soil. For a nominal fee, our Education Program gives instructors at the world’s leading universities the ability to offer their students full use of the latest Rocscience software. Rocscience software complements your instruction and helps you teach key approaches to today’s most relevant geotechnical engineering problems including:

• slope stability & groundwater analysis, complete with probabilistic analysis, using Slide

• consolidation & settlement under foundations, embankments, surface excavations using Settle3D

• stability analysis for underground or surface wedges using Unwedge or Swedge

• finite element stress analysis of underground or surface excavations using Phase2

• stereonet projection & analysis of orientation based geological data using Dips

• 3D finite element analysis for rock/soil using RS3